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Alliance Integrated Minerals

and Trading Ltd

Mining at a deeper level

Core Values

Dignity and Respect- To all employees, creating a sense of collective ownership, and equal opportunities for all.

Collaboration- Productive working relationships fostered through responsive communications that breed unity and team spirit.

Excellence- A deep commitment to putting in the best effort to get the best-untainted record.

At Alliance

Our untainted record of excellence as expert miners speaks for us; among investors and employees.

No Matter What

We stick to our practices

We maintain productive and ethical working relationships, transparent and responsive dialogue with surrounding communities and public agencies for the benefit of all stakeholders.

For mining, we ensure that all of our methods and processes are standard and do not pose a negative impact on the environment.

Target Auidence
  • Investors
  • Workers
  • Interns
  • Researchers
  • Shareholders
Our Specialties
  • Mining
  • Trading
  • Consultancy
  • Oil and Gas

The Importance of Our Project

Sustainable Environmental Practices
Community Partnership
Infrastructure and Economic Advancement
Impeccable Consultation

Nature has provided us with a host of minerals to help us thrive.

“The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.”

—Ernest Hemingway

We are a team of conscious environmentalists, located in Nigeria. We pride ourselves in using the best practices in the exploration and extraction of the earth’s minerals, while using the best equipment to reduce negative impact on the environment.

What we can help you achieve

Our knowledge of mining resources has proven over time to be invaluable, with us, your mining operations can be easy and seamless. We do the thinking for you.


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