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The traditional rule of mining has always been that communities situated close to mines are at a disadvantage due to the heavy pieces of machinery used in mining operations- from the heavy-duty trucks and other ground-breaking pieces of machinery that are destructive in the long run.

This exposes the workers, residents, and even the environment to an unhealthy amount of pollution. Human beings are exposed to fumes from diesel engines and breathe in polluted air, they are also exposed to noise pollution, as the noise made by most of the machines is loud, and when the eardrums are not shielded properly there is usually a long-term negative impact.

Mines are prone to generate a lot of waste, due to excavation processes, as well as industrial accidents, thereby bringing harm to people and the environment at large. At Alliance Integrated Minerals and Trading Ltd., we take pride in managing the wastes generated in the course of our activities on a site.

Because, we place emphasis on the environment, and the aftermath of our activities on humans and animals alike, we use methods that ensure that the environment is not harmed by our explorative actions. Our focus is not only a particular mining project but also the entire life of the mine, from exploration to closure of a fully rehabilitated site. We also place emphasis on the importance of maintaining continuity and coherence throughout the life of the mine as temporary closures, periods of care and maintenance, waste management and rehabilitation need to be better managed with the full consideration of long-term impacts and potential legacies.

Our mining waste management integrates and prioritizes waste minimization and mineral recovery. These priorities include the need to mitigate waste-related environmental impacts, as well as the loss of valuable and scarce minerals.

Our strategy, therefore, is based on modifying and adapting the generic waste management pyramid “reduce, reuse, recycle” (3Rs) to mining waste. We believe that preserving the integrity and the function of a product is more desirable and energy-efficient than tearing it apart to recycle its individual elements.

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