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About Us

Alliance Integrated Minerals & Trading Ltd. is an extractive company based in Nigeria. Alliance Integrated Minerals & Trading Ltd. is committed to tapping the natural resources Africa boasts of, to ensure adequate profit generation, as well as societal change, for Nigeria and Africa as a continent.
Alliance Integrated Minerals & Trading Ltd. primary area of interest includes mineral extraction.
The Company was established in April 2019. Alliance Integrated Minerals & Trading Ltd. has acquired a couple of gold prospecting licenses since her inception, with plans to expand operations.

Our Mission

To become the foremost mining company in Africa through efficient exploration and extraction of nature’s natural resources. We achieve our aims by ensuring the best practices of extraction by sticking to conservative mechanisms, and delivering excellent consultancy services to our clients, in order to achieve a sustainable and green earth.

Our Vision

To see a world where all of nature’s resources are harnessed for the benefit of the inhabitant of earth, while ensuring the proper management of exploration and extraction processes.

Core Values

Dignity and Respect- To all employees, creating a sense of collective ownership, and equal opportunities for all.

Collaboration- Productive working relationship fostered through responsive communications that breeds unity and team spirit.

Excellence- A deep commitment to putting in the best effort to get the best untainted record.

The Organization’s Leadership

Principal Personnel

HRH Oladele N. Odugbemi

Chairman & CEO


Yusuf Oladimeji Tinuosho

Senior Officer - Corporate Social Media & Digital information Services

0803 611 5392
0802 764 4076


Director/Global Executive Mandate


Meet the Team

We are a team of conscious environmentalists, located in Nigeria. We pride ourselves in using the best practices in the exploration and extraction of the earth’s minerals, while using the best equipment to reduce negative impact on the environment.

What we can help you achieve

Our knowledge of mining resources has proven over time to be invaluable, with us, your mining operations can be easy and seamless. We do the thinking for you.

Target Audience
  • Investors
  • Workers
  • Interns
  • Researchers
  • Shareholders
Our Specialties
  • Mining
  • Trading
  • Consultancy
  • Oil and Gas