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Gold Exploration & Mining

Alliance Integrated Minerals & Trading Ltd since inception has an operating license on a couple of gold mines in different areas of Nigeria, with operations going on at full throttle, and for commercial and economic purposes.


At Alliance, we explore, survey, prospect, develop, turn to account, work, refine and deal in minerals, ores, stones and all other natural resources. Alongside our exploration activities is our drilling activities- for gain. We pump, analyse, refine, store, buy or sell products or substances produced or derived from our activities.


We act as miners, quarry masters, smelters, producers, purchasers, sellers and marketers of all substances, products and derivatives of all kinds. We are also refiners, distillers, owners and operators of mines, exploratory interests, gas and oil production units. We also purchase or take on lease or in exchange acquire by permit, reservation, license, concession grant or otherwise any mines, deposits, mineral rights and any other relational rights as may pertain to the mining industry.

Exhibiting and Management

We at Alliance Integrated Minerals & Trading Ltd carry-on business as exhibitors of various goods, services, merchandise import and export and to deal in general contracts and supplies of general good and services.

We also carry-on business as operators, managing, supervising, drilling and repairing geothermal wells, mines, mineral claims and we also acquire, hold and develop any concession rights, options, permits and other authorizations for or in relation to the working of lands for mining, or the production of oil, gas, coal and minerals of every type and description.


We also act as sellers and distribute the same as retailers, wholesalers, agents, exporters, importers, joint venturers, land transporters and carriers.